WAY long overdue update.

Spring, Summer 2009

New pictures first - b/c they're most fun!

Allright, so I'm a huge slacker. Huge. As in, no update since january huge. Wow. Well, now that that's over here's a hit and run since january post. Let's all cross our fingers that I can keep this up from now on, ok? :-) So here's what we've done since january.

I finally finished my masters, so now I've officially got my degree (no diploma yet) in special education. As such I got a really great job in Topeka working for the Auburn-Washburn school district. I'm loving it. As you can see in the photos we got a new car. We replaced my 1998 mitsubishi galant with a 2009 toyota Rav4. I absolutely love my car, it's so fun to drive and it's often the highlight of my day! hah In other news Scout had a birthday. She's finally 1 year old. Still a spaz, but better. I love having a dog. It really makes times I have to be alone at home less lonely, and I can't imagine a better dog than scout. She's spoiled rotten, and I'm ok with that!

Tristan is still plugging away on his PhD. We're both working hard to stay sane through new job and PhD land. He's still working with the marching band at free state, but alas I am not, as time just doesn't allow with work. We took Scout to the pooch plunge here in town. It's something they do when they close the local pool, the money goes to our humane society and it was fun. The water was cold, and it was cold and rainy outside, so scout kinda wasn't digging it too much. I think next year when she can go off leash and if it's warmer it will be much better.

We've had a really nice summer - it wasn't overly hot, but now the cooler weather is here. I love fall, but it makes me miss home and all of the leaves turning in the mountains. Mom is coming for thanksgiving and we are seeing Wicked again (her first time though!). I'm super excited to see it again, we just loved it and we're sitting even closer this time (5th row!). We're all going to have a blast. We're also planning to see Straight No Chaser in December. I've always loved them and couldn't pass up a chance when they were in town to see them.

I should also add that T and I celebrated our first anniversary. :D We also participated in the Heart Walk (For Izzy www.heartofaprincess.net) and got to take scout along. She did really well.

Alright, that's it for now. I promise to do better next time. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it can be to write all stream of conscience like. haha Until next time.

~T & K




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