Holy Cow.

Is it really almost christmas? And has it really been since october since I last wrote something here. Well, maybe my new years resolution should be to update at least monthly. that seems doable. Because there will never be another weight loss resolution - I've been doing that all year and finally have hit the ground running. I've become a real gym addict, but I'm having a blast doing things I didn't think I could - I've even found some shoes that are allowing me to RUN. That's a huge deal.

Let's see - what else is new. I've finished my first semester teaching. I'm loving it. I have 9 kids and they're awesome, yet challenging. Tristan is still plugging away at the ole PhD. Everyone always asks when he'll finish, and then answer is, eventually! For now we're happy, healthy and having fun.

Scout is huge - she got an awesome new coat from her Grandma Patsy (they've told us they don't have grand children they have a granddog, lol). Beyond that I sit her procrastinating about what I SHOULD be doing to prepare for our trip to western Kansas but have no motivation to do.

Until next time. Have a very Merry Christmas. Gotta go sleep so I can get up, workout, pack up, and hit the road.




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