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So, we're trying the blog thing.... as a way to keep in touch with family and friends across the country (and perhaps out of the country too!). Hopefully this will help to keep everyone semi-updated with what's going on in our lives. Here's the highlights, with some pictures to get us started.

The wedding was July 19th. It was wonderful. (minus the locked church part). It's really hard to believe we've been married for 4.5 months!!! Time certainly flies. We've been busy with teaching marching band out at Free State High School again all fall. The football team actually went to the state championship and we were freezing with the kids last night in Topeka. The team lost, but it truly was a great great game. They have a lot to be proud of. And I'm proud of our kids... they really kept the crowd going all night.

We also got a puppy back on September 2nd. Her name is Scout (after the Madison Scouts) She even wears a cute fleur de lis (the corps logo) that Tristan's mom got her! She's half lab and half german shepard. We're not sure how big she'll be since she has smaller than average parents. She's 4 months old now and is a total ball of energy. She's also super smart. She and Phantom (our younger cat) get along most of the time. However, Caroline (our older cat) still hates her and spends most of the time that Scout is out upstairs hiding from her. It's a work in progress.

We also moved back in June. It was a wonderful decision and we love our new house. (townhouse that is). Our neighboorhood is super quiet, which we enjoy and we don't have to carry grocries up a flight of stairs anymore! We also have a 2 car garage and some yard that we've claimed as our own. It's also right off of the bike path that runs all over town so that propted a new bike for me back in June. We haven't ridden hardly since the wedding though and really need to get back out there.

That's a good enough update for now.... keep checking back as we plan to update frequently enough so that you can feel like you have some kind of idea what we're doing. For now.... enjoy the pictures from the last few months.

Wedding pictures....


Scout - Today 11/30 - 4 mos. old

We decorated the house today.....It took a while, but it looks good. Man was it COLD out today!

The cranberry pie I made for thanksgiving.
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