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Yep, that's me. I'm a blog slacker. So, let's see - looks like I've got about half a year to catch up on.

The biggest news is that my Mom graduated from college! She is the first (and only) one of her sisters to get a college degree. It was great to be there for her the day she graduated and share it with her. All of her sisters and their husbands came too. And even two of dad's sisters and their husbands came. It really was a fun day - we had a huge picnic after the graduation ceremony and everyone had a great time. Luckily the weather held off and it was only moderately warm that day.

Rather unfortunately, right before Mom's graduation we lost one of Tristan's aunts in a horrible car accident. I had to fly home a day early to make it out to Western Kansas in time for some of the funeral arrangements. She was such a special lady and we miss her a lot. I've always been told not to pick favorites, but she was mine and I'm ok admitting that. haha The only comforting thought it knowing that we have someone very special looking out for us each day.

Tristan has made great progress on his degree this summer. He's been getting lots of research done, which makes me happy. Hopefully, he'll get to write his proposal soon and then after that, all he's got left is writing his dissertation. Clearly the worst of it, but it's also the end! I finally put my first year of teaching behind me and have really enjoyed the summer off. I did a great big bunch of nothing, which I've enjoyed a lot. I did take a trip to PA just last week with a friend and had a fantastic time. It really made me realize how much of an east coast girl I am. As much as I love it here, I hope that we get the opportunity to move that way when T is done with school. School for me starts up this coming monday. I'm actually looking forward to going back. As much as having time off is great, the routine of work is much easier for me as far as eating and working out and burning calories is concerned. I'm also interested to see what my class is going to look like and I'm praying that I keep the same Para who worked in my classroom last year. she is beyond phenomenal and was my right arm last year. I think I'm going to be getting a 2nd para, b/c one of my students does not walk or crawl yet, so that should make things a bit easier.

Scout had a birthday recently - she's 2, which is pretty hard to believe! She turned out to be such a great dog and is much more mellow than she used to be. She's learning how to be off leash with a wireless collar that T and I got as an anniversary present. We've taken a few trips to the dog park which all 3 of us really enjoy.

Tristan and I had a lot of fun planting stuff this spring and summer. We've got 4 cherry tomatoes going and an overflowing flowerbed. We also got some strawberries and basil among other things. We planted a Calla Lily after Laura's funeral and it died - which, I found funny and I know she would too! So, we eventually planted a yellow rose bush in its place and it has done amazingly well. The thing blooms like crazy now and it's a nice reminder of her when each new rose blooms.

that's pretty much all we've done since the last update. I keep busy with work and the gym and T is still crazy with trying to finish his degree. Until next time here are a few photos of some recent things we've done!

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What? An update? So soon?

I know you're all shocked at the fact that I'm updating again so soon. So am I! We're back from Western Kansas and, per usual, we had a great time. I put a few of my favorite pictures up above. It was the first time I've gotten to actually see my stocking up on the mantle, so that was fun. We also got to meet Miss Adellyn for the first time and boy is she a hoot. I hope my kids are as fun and funny as she is! Landen is blowing out the christmas tree in that photo. T's grandma has a remote that turns her tree on and off and now it's time for another generation. It was so fun to watch him and Adellyn blowing it out and then clapping to get it to come back on! I have a video of it that I'll post soon.

Other than that, we got back to a TON of snow. We have piles and piles of it in our cul de sac and when they came yesterday to plow they broke the mailboxes (one of them is actually ON the ground) and they also plowed a 8-9 foot mound that blocked the visibility for pulling out of the street onto Kasold. I called the police and within 2 hours they had taken care of it. I finally went out and bough snow boots. And while there not uggs, they look a lot like them (but they're grey) and I'm praying my mother in law isn't going to disown me over them! haha But - I couldn't find anything else I liked and I'll go ahead and promise NEVER to wear them with shorts unless I'm leaving the gym!

T is busy studying and taking video game breaks. I'm busy baking and trying to get the stuff from our trip put away but I have no motivation to do it. I better get some though, as I think we are having people over here on new years eve. that should be fun, I've never hosted a new years eve get together and I do like to entertain. I'm not sure we'll have a huge crowd, but it's bound to be fun anyway!

That's it for now - I don't wanna get burned out on updating or anything. ;-)

Happy New Year!
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Holy Cow.

Is it really almost christmas? And has it really been since october since I last wrote something here. Well, maybe my new years resolution should be to update at least monthly. that seems doable. Because there will never be another weight loss resolution - I've been doing that all year and finally have hit the ground running. I've become a real gym addict, but I'm having a blast doing things I didn't think I could - I've even found some shoes that are allowing me to RUN. That's a huge deal.

Let's see - what else is new. I've finished my first semester teaching. I'm loving it. I have 9 kids and they're awesome, yet challenging. Tristan is still plugging away at the ole PhD. Everyone always asks when he'll finish, and then answer is, eventually! For now we're happy, healthy and having fun.

Scout is huge - she got an awesome new coat from her Grandma Patsy (they've told us they don't have grand children they have a granddog, lol). Beyond that I sit her procrastinating about what I SHOULD be doing to prepare for our trip to western Kansas but have no motivation to do.

Until next time. Have a very Merry Christmas. Gotta go sleep so I can get up, workout, pack up, and hit the road.
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WAY long overdue update.

Spring, Summer 2009

New pictures first - b/c they're most fun!

Allright, so I'm a huge slacker. Huge. As in, no update since january huge. Wow. Well, now that that's over here's a hit and run since january post. Let's all cross our fingers that I can keep this up from now on, ok? :-) So here's what we've done since january.

I finally finished my masters, so now I've officially got my degree (no diploma yet) in special education. As such I got a really great job in Topeka working for the Auburn-Washburn school district. I'm loving it. As you can see in the photos we got a new car. We replaced my 1998 mitsubishi galant with a 2009 toyota Rav4. I absolutely love my car, it's so fun to drive and it's often the highlight of my day! hah In other news Scout had a birthday. She's finally 1 year old. Still a spaz, but better. I love having a dog. It really makes times I have to be alone at home less lonely, and I can't imagine a better dog than scout. She's spoiled rotten, and I'm ok with that!

Tristan is still plugging away on his PhD. We're both working hard to stay sane through new job and PhD land. He's still working with the marching band at free state, but alas I am not, as time just doesn't allow with work. We took Scout to the pooch plunge here in town. It's something they do when they close the local pool, the money goes to our humane society and it was fun. The water was cold, and it was cold and rainy outside, so scout kinda wasn't digging it too much. I think next year when she can go off leash and if it's warmer it will be much better.

We've had a really nice summer - it wasn't overly hot, but now the cooler weather is here. I love fall, but it makes me miss home and all of the leaves turning in the mountains. Mom is coming for thanksgiving and we are seeing Wicked again (her first time though!). I'm super excited to see it again, we just loved it and we're sitting even closer this time (5th row!). We're all going to have a blast. We're also planning to see Straight No Chaser in December. I've always loved them and couldn't pass up a chance when they were in town to see them.

I should also add that T and I celebrated our first anniversary. :D We also participated in the Heart Walk (For Izzy and got to take scout along. She did really well.

Alright, that's it for now. I promise to do better next time. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it can be to write all stream of conscience like. haha Until next time.

~T & K
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Christmas etc

Per usual, we're staying busy. If it's not one thing it's another it seems. We spent 10 days back in my hometown in Virginia and had a lovely time. Unfortunately, we were sick for a few days while we were there as there was some nasty stomach bug going around. It was awful - we slept a lot. The drive to and from took us abuot 14 hours total both ways. The way back we took a different route that was too curvy and made both the dog and I sick. We are very blessed that Scout travels SO very well. She rarely whines in the car (we put her in a crate strapped into the belts) and she usually sleeps or chews on toys the whole way. Of course we stop to let her out, but we try to do so only when she's moving around or seems really bored or needs food/water. I still can't believe how she handled the entire 14 hours just quiet 99% of the time.

While we were back home we made a trip to Blacksburg to visit Virginia Tech. It was a lot of fun. We also went to visit my babysitter from childhood who is 82 now. She's such a sweetheart and I simply cannot go back home and not go to see her. Plus, I think she loves the company and catching up with us.

We got home late on the first and realized that we forgot to get our garage door opener from Jordan, had no house key and were sitting in our driveway at about 4am wondering what to do. Fortunately, Jordan is a WONDERFUL friend who answered the phone at 4am and let us come over to get the opener. Thank heavens for friends, I think we'd be lost w/out them. Jordan also took care of the cats while we were gone, who were good, except for stealing a whole bag of treats off the counter and running off with the bag....which, we still haven't found! It's my understanding that they had a tummy ache the next day and had thrown up in various places around the house. Silly cats.

School is starting soon and Tristan and I both will be teaching. He's teaching an undergraduate course called "Fluid Mechanics" and I'm working with a local company as part of my master's program called Tiny K. I think we're both slightly nervous yet excited about the whole thing. I'm just ready to be done with school, get a real job and know what I'm doing all the time. I'm also still working part time at Curves and even though I love it sometimes I feel as if I live there. There's a lot of responsibility falling to me as my boss is very sick. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back last March and we recently found out that it has returned. I'm happy to help out, but sometimes it's difficult with trying to make decisions without her input. (she's still with us, just not around much).

The dog is growing like a weed. I feel like I have (what we call) a perpetual toddler. She's good usually, but has melt downs quite frequently still. She's up to 35 pounds and we think she may gain around 10 or more before she comes to a halt. I've got a funny video of her from when we were back in VA. She loves the laser pointer and is pretty funny with it. The end of the video is the best, in my opinion.

So, we're settling back into some semblance of normalcy here as school gears up to start. I'm trying to reclaim the house from christmas as we still have decorations out and up. I hate to take down my tree because we weren't here all that long to enjoy it, so it'll be the last thing to come down. I'm also trying to organize etc. before things get too crazy and my time at home becomes more slim with teaching and the class I have to take this semester.

I'll leave you with some pictures and the funny video of Scout with her laser pointer. As I type this she's sulking, whining and looking longingly upstairs because Tristan just went up to shower. She's so sad when we leave her. haha

Also, I made two resolutions this year...

1. Use the china once a week (we got to bring back my Grandma's china, and since have inventoried the pieces and purchased some teacups to complete the set) but, we're trying to use it each week once.
2. Make menus each week. So far so good, but we're in week one, so we'll see how it goes!

Happy New Year to you all!!

~Tristan & Krista

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Holiday decorating

Finally got the tree up and the inside decorations done. Such a process...but we had a good time doing it. Here's a picture update.

Scout's ornament. Cute, isn't it?

An ornament we bought on our honeymoon in Florida.

Phantom & Caroline's ornament from a few years ago. So adorable.

This is Tristan's DCP secret santa gift for this year. A really cute ornament, our first of the kind. The heart says "2008" but it's kinda hard to see.

The whole tree....rounded out by my Grandma's tree skirt (which she made) at the bottom.

We're working on christmas cards and the like now. It's all about finishing classes, which for me is almost done..... T has a bit more work left than I do, but I got lucky b/c some friends wanted to work on our final project early, back before thanksgiving, so I'm pretty much done minus a few small things.

Happy Holidays!
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Today was a good day... I hit 300 workouts at curves! It's taken me a year and 4 months. Faster than most people get to 300, so I'm proud.

In other random news we made some headway on using a dremel tool on Scout's nails. She totally freaks when she even sees it but today we were able to get her to calm down and relax (with plenty of treats) and we were actually able to get it done. Horray for not sharp puppy claws!!! I wish she'd had a better day, maybe I'd have gotten the tree up.

There's plenty to do this weekend and it's getting super cold here. Something about 20* with a 15* windchill really gets to you. I wish we could ease into winter, but of course we always get the harsh transition in (usually) less than 24 hours.

Have most of my christmas shopping done and it's time to start preparing for our trip back east. I.e. cleaning out the car, finishing things up here at home and tying up loose ends with school. I'll be really happy when I'm finished with my masters. (End of next summer). I'm just so ready to teach.

Please pray for a former student of mine, Isabelle, who is waiting on a heart so that she can get back to being a kid again.

and a current band student of ours who was in a car accident and is still in serious condition at KU med. It isn't looking so good and I'm worried about her. It's def. been a trying couple of weeks.

Until next time.


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