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Christmas etc

Per usual, we're staying busy. If it's not one thing it's another it seems. We spent 10 days back in my hometown in Virginia and had a lovely time. Unfortunately, we were sick for a few days while we were there as there was some nasty stomach bug going around. It was awful - we slept a lot. The drive to and from took us abuot 14 hours total both ways. The way back we took a different route that was too curvy and made both the dog and I sick. We are very blessed that Scout travels SO very well. She rarely whines in the car (we put her in a crate strapped into the belts) and she usually sleeps or chews on toys the whole way. Of course we stop to let her out, but we try to do so only when she's moving around or seems really bored or needs food/water. I still can't believe how she handled the entire 14 hours just quiet 99% of the time.

While we were back home we made a trip to Blacksburg to visit Virginia Tech. It was a lot of fun. We also went to visit my babysitter from childhood who is 82 now. She's such a sweetheart and I simply cannot go back home and not go to see her. Plus, I think she loves the company and catching up with us.

We got home late on the first and realized that we forgot to get our garage door opener from Jordan, had no house key and were sitting in our driveway at about 4am wondering what to do. Fortunately, Jordan is a WONDERFUL friend who answered the phone at 4am and let us come over to get the opener. Thank heavens for friends, I think we'd be lost w/out them. Jordan also took care of the cats while we were gone, who were good, except for stealing a whole bag of treats off the counter and running off with the bag....which, we still haven't found! It's my understanding that they had a tummy ache the next day and had thrown up in various places around the house. Silly cats.

School is starting soon and Tristan and I both will be teaching. He's teaching an undergraduate course called "Fluid Mechanics" and I'm working with a local company as part of my master's program called Tiny K. I think we're both slightly nervous yet excited about the whole thing. I'm just ready to be done with school, get a real job and know what I'm doing all the time. I'm also still working part time at Curves and even though I love it sometimes I feel as if I live there. There's a lot of responsibility falling to me as my boss is very sick. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back last March and we recently found out that it has returned. I'm happy to help out, but sometimes it's difficult with trying to make decisions without her input. (she's still with us, just not around much).

The dog is growing like a weed. I feel like I have (what we call) a perpetual toddler. She's good usually, but has melt downs quite frequently still. She's up to 35 pounds and we think she may gain around 10 or more before she comes to a halt. I've got a funny video of her from when we were back in VA. She loves the laser pointer and is pretty funny with it. The end of the video is the best, in my opinion.

So, we're settling back into some semblance of normalcy here as school gears up to start. I'm trying to reclaim the house from christmas as we still have decorations out and up. I hate to take down my tree because we weren't here all that long to enjoy it, so it'll be the last thing to come down. I'm also trying to organize etc. before things get too crazy and my time at home becomes more slim with teaching and the class I have to take this semester.

I'll leave you with some pictures and the funny video of Scout with her laser pointer. As I type this she's sulking, whining and looking longingly upstairs because Tristan just went up to shower. She's so sad when we leave her. haha

Also, I made two resolutions this year...

1. Use the china once a week (we got to bring back my Grandma's china, and since have inventoried the pieces and purchased some teacups to complete the set) but, we're trying to use it each week once.
2. Make menus each week. So far so good, but we're in week one, so we'll see how it goes!

Happy New Year to you all!!

~Tristan & Krista




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