Blog slacker

Yep, that's me. I'm a blog slacker. So, let's see - looks like I've got about half a year to catch up on.

The biggest news is that my Mom graduated from college! She is the first (and only) one of her sisters to get a college degree. It was great to be there for her the day she graduated and share it with her. All of her sisters and their husbands came too. And even two of dad's sisters and their husbands came. It really was a fun day - we had a huge picnic after the graduation ceremony and everyone had a great time. Luckily the weather held off and it was only moderately warm that day.

Rather unfortunately, right before Mom's graduation we lost one of Tristan's aunts in a horrible car accident. I had to fly home a day early to make it out to Western Kansas in time for some of the funeral arrangements. She was such a special lady and we miss her a lot. I've always been told not to pick favorites, but she was mine and I'm ok admitting that. haha The only comforting thought it knowing that we have someone very special looking out for us each day.

Tristan has made great progress on his degree this summer. He's been getting lots of research done, which makes me happy. Hopefully, he'll get to write his proposal soon and then after that, all he's got left is writing his dissertation. Clearly the worst of it, but it's also the end! I finally put my first year of teaching behind me and have really enjoyed the summer off. I did a great big bunch of nothing, which I've enjoyed a lot. I did take a trip to PA just last week with a friend and had a fantastic time. It really made me realize how much of an east coast girl I am. As much as I love it here, I hope that we get the opportunity to move that way when T is done with school. School for me starts up this coming monday. I'm actually looking forward to going back. As much as having time off is great, the routine of work is much easier for me as far as eating and working out and burning calories is concerned. I'm also interested to see what my class is going to look like and I'm praying that I keep the same Para who worked in my classroom last year. she is beyond phenomenal and was my right arm last year. I think I'm going to be getting a 2nd para, b/c one of my students does not walk or crawl yet, so that should make things a bit easier.

Scout had a birthday recently - she's 2, which is pretty hard to believe! She turned out to be such a great dog and is much more mellow than she used to be. She's learning how to be off leash with a wireless collar that T and I got as an anniversary present. We've taken a few trips to the dog park which all 3 of us really enjoy.

Tristan and I had a lot of fun planting stuff this spring and summer. We've got 4 cherry tomatoes going and an overflowing flowerbed. We also got some strawberries and basil among other things. We planted a Calla Lily after Laura's funeral and it died - which, I found funny and I know she would too! So, we eventually planted a yellow rose bush in its place and it has done amazingly well. The thing blooms like crazy now and it's a nice reminder of her when each new rose blooms.

that's pretty much all we've done since the last update. I keep busy with work and the gym and T is still crazy with trying to finish his degree. Until next time here are a few photos of some recent things we've done!

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